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Instructor-Led Mini Video Sessions

6 months access to all online instruction including video explanations and strategies of 90+ practice problems!



Track your progress with 4 full-length practice tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses                                                                                                                                         

Writing Samples

You can submit your essays to the Kaplan Essay-Grading Team and receive a grader's score as well as access to email support any time from Kaplan faculty.


Study Materials

Receive our course book with over 100 practice questions & exercises. Available as an ebook or we can ship to you directly (shipping costs depend on location.


Smart Reports Technology

This exclusive technology analyzes your performance and coaches you on how to improve your performance. 


Higher score guaranteed

Pass the TOEFL with Kaplan or get your money back! Terms and conditions apply.



  • Fact/Detail Questions
  • NOT/EXCEPT Questions
  • Vocabulary Questions
  • Inference Questions
  • Rhetorical Function Questions
  • Coherence Questions
  • Paraphrasing Questions
  • Drag 'n Drop Table Completion
  • Drag 'n Drop Summary


  • Main Idea Questions
  • Purpose Questions
  • Detail Questions
  • Speaker's Attitude Questions
  • Rhetorical Function Questions
  • Drag 'n Drop - Sequencing Questions
  • Content Relationship Questions
  • Inference Questions


  • Independent Description Task
  • Independent Persuasive Task
  • Reading and Conversation Integrated Task
  • Reading and Lecture Integrated Task
  • Conversation Integrated Task
  • Lecture Integrated Task


  • Reading and Lecture Task
  • Independent Expository/Persuasive Task

Kaplan is the world leader in test prep.

Get the results you want with new, affordable prep from the experts at Kaplan:

  • Personalized Instruction: our courses are tailored to suit busy people who want the best guidance from expert native English speaking teachers

  • Adaptive learning: our adaptive learning technology, Smart Reports®, provide you with customized test feedback based on your individual needs

  • Extensive resources: over 50 hours of instruction and home study material covering all 4 sections of the test

  • Results-Orientated: Our unique teaching experience will help you to suceed by allowing you to think like the test-makers

  • Flexibility: 6 months of unlimited online access which is also mobile-enabled to study on the go!

Kaplan Certified Education Providers

If you are looking for TOEFL preparation in your country, you can benefit from Kaplan's methods and materials by taking a course with a local Kaplan-certified provider.

What are Kaplan Certified Education Providers?

Kaplan Certified Educators are quality educational providers who are certified to teach Kaplan courses. With a certified provider, you'll benefit from Kaplan's proven score-raising test strategies and premium study materials. There are a range of providers around the world who provide Kaplan-certified preparation courses for the TOEFL®.

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