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I did the UKCAT yesterday and scored 710, 740, 810, 740. I'm so thankful for the course, for your teaching and everything. I really don't think I would have done this well without the course.

UKCAT Student

Kaplan UKCAT Private Tutoring

For a one-to-one approach to the test, study with one of our expert private tutors:



Meet your tutor in person or live online
Private tutoring is offered at our London center or live online. Your tutor will tailor your prep towards your own specific areas of strength and weakness. 



Teacher access until test day 
Even after your tutoring sessions are over, you'll have email access to your teacher for additional support right up until your test.




6 practice tests & 30 Quizzes
Take 6 practice tests in a realistic interface, just like the real exam! Train for eachs section of the test with 30 timed quizzes. 



Course books included 
The Kaplan UKCAT Strategy Book covers all the strategies you'll need plus extra practice and essential tips for time management.




Essential score-raising strategies
You'll learn techniques for every question type on the UKCAT, and improve your critical thinking and problem solving skills.



Private tuition is our most flexible option for UKCAT preparation. We can tailor our UKCAT course to your needs and deliver the course using one-to-one tutoring, thus allowing you to take the UKCAT course at a time that is suitable for you!

Private Tuition is our bespoke offering, so you can focus your study on your weaker areas, improve them and feel confident on test day. You will receive the same course materials and practice tests whichever option you choose. We offer private tutoring online via Skype, so you can prepare wherever you are!

UKCAT Private Tutoring is the a great option when:

  • Your test date is approaching and you do not have time to take a group course.
  • You are unable to attend the set dates of a classroom / live online course.
  • You would prefer individual attention rather than a class environment.
  • You have already begun studying and need some extra guidance.

Using Skype technology, you will work with your tutor on a one-to-one basis, using voice, camera, and screensharing - allowing you to collaborate effectively from anywhere. You will be matched with a UKCAT tutor depending on your needs and availability.

Materials include:

UKCAT Strategy Book
Contains all of the strategies and techniques that you will work through in the lessons. It also includes hundreds of practice questions and techniques to help you on test day.

6 Full-length Online UKCAT Practice Tests
Put all of the techniques that you learn in class into practice with these 6 practice tests. Kaplan’s tests are as realistic as possible, contain questions for all sections of the UKCAT test, and will help you get to grips with the types of questions you will face, and also the tight timing of the test. Kaplan’s tests have also been designed to mirror the appearance of the UKCAT test interface, and as such will provide essential practice for the UKCAT’s computerized format.

30 section-focused Quizzes
This will not only help students practice for pacing in each section, it will also help students put the newly learnt strategies into practice section by section, to target each area. 

Ongoing Academic Support
Our Kaplan teachers are available to answer any of your questions right up until the day of the test. This means that we’ll answer any of your questions that come up in independent study, or when you’re reviewing content from the course.

You will be matched with a UKCAT Tutor depending on your needs and availability. You will meet with the tutor at times to suit you and each session will be tailored to your own specific goals and progress. 

How Many Practice Tests Included
Online Centre Access Ongoing Teacher Support Enroll

10 hours

Center based ($2030)       Enroll Now
Online based ($2030) Enroll Now

15 hours


Center based ($2900)       Enroll Now
Online based ($2900) Enroll Now

Please Note: All center-based tutoring will take place at our London (UK) Center.