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Kaplan's UMAT Self Study course provides you with the methods, strategies and practice you need to get a top score on the UMAT exam. Your personal online study centre will help you to work through the material at a flexible pace and is a good alternative if you can't make it to our Live Online course.

UMAT Self Study course includes:

Over 100 Video Lessons We have broken down our live class lessons into short easy to digest videos. Each lesson is broken down by topic, so it’s easy to target specific test topics and question types when reviewing the material.
4 Strategy Sessions These recorded workshops provide information on scoring, strategies on how to approach and identify different multiple-choice question types, how to get the most out of your UMAT study and strategies to manage timing throughout the exam. 
UMAT Strategy Book Our UMAT Strategy Book is designed to follow along with your lesson videos so you can make notes as you watch. It also includes extra practice and test tips throughout. Self Study course students will automatically receive an eBook, and also have the option to have a book printed and shipped in the shopping cart.  


Your Online Study Center

10 Full-length Practice Tests Once you have finished watching the lesson videos, our test-like practice papers will put your knowledge to the test and also help improve your testing stamina.
Personalized Score Reports After each practice test you will get a score report, which will identify exactly which areas need further improvement. These reports drill down to test section, topic and even question type to help you target your next area of focus.
Detailed Explanations Each sample question comes complete with worked answers and explanations of why the alternative answer choices were not correct, as well as the reason for the correct choice. This will help you to build a thorough understanding of all the question types, making future questions easier to solve.
Access Until Test Day! You can begin your course access in March, and access your online lessons as many times as needed until you take the exam in July 2017.


You will learn to master the following topics throughout your video lessons: 

UMAT Lesson Topics
Logical Reasoning  - Kaplan method for Logical Reasoning
 - Making inferences based on the data
 - Breaking down Logical Reasoning questions using Formal Logic
Problem Solving   - Identifying Experiment Questions and Logic Puzzles
 - Kaplan method for Experiment Questions
 - Kaplan method for Logic Puzzles
 - Characterizing answer choices on negative questions
Interpersonal Understanding  - Identifying the different Interpersonal understanding question types
 - Kaplan method for different Interpersonal Understanding question types.
Non-verbal Reasoning  - Identifying the different Non-verbal question types
 - Kaplan method for different question types
Strategy Session Topics
Scoring and Triage  - UMAT Scoring and Percentiles
 - Standardized Testing: advantages and disadvantages
 - Paper-based Testing: advantages and disadvantages
Pacing and Practicing  - Identifying question types conducive to triage
 - Time management strategies
 - How to use your paper-based test on test day
Advanced Triage  - Identifying common mistakes of UMAT test takers
 - Use Kaplan UMAT Triage strategy to maximize time and scores
Preparing for Test Day  - Planning your study until test day
 - What to expect on test day