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MCAT 2015 Mini Practice Test

This short form practice test is about 1/3 the length (approx. 2 hours long) of the new MCAT 2015 exam. It allows you to identify the content areas found on the new MCAT that you need to focus on.

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MCAT 20-Minute Workout

Are you ready for Test Day? Find out with this fun and FREE way to tackle practice MCAT questions. With MCAT-style questions, you'll be able to test your knowledge and skills. You'll get complete explanations and expert strategies with every question, and you can compete against your friends to see who's really ready for test day.

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MCAT Practice Test (Instructor-Led)

Inside the Classroom: MCAT

How would you score on the MCAT if you took it today? This 4.5 hour event includes a comprehensive look at all sections of the exam under real test-like conditions. Following completion, you will receive a preliminary score which you can use as a guideline once you begin your course.

See what it's like in our Live Online courses. You will sit in for part of a real Live Online class session, so you can see how it works!

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