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Kaplan offers a range of free resources to give you the best possible start toward your MCAT prep.

MCAT 2015 Mini Practice Test

This short form practice test is about 1/3 the length (approx. 2 hours long) of the new MCAT 2015 exam. It allows you to identify the content areas found on the new MCAT that you need to focus on.

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MCAT Practice Test (Instructor-Led) 

How would you score on the MCAT if you took it today? Enroll on our live online test drive to test your knowledge. This 4.5 hour event includes a comprehensive look at all sections of the exam under real test-like conditions. Following completion, you will receive a preliminary score which you can use as a guideline once you begin your course. 

Inside the Classroom: MCAT

See what it's like in our Live Online courses. You will sit in for part of a real Live Online class session, so you can see how it works!

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