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Live Online

UMAT Classroom Course

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Online course with expert video instruction. Ideal for busy students.

Live online sessions taught by top-scoring teachers. Ideal for students looking for teacher interaction.

Live classroom-based courses, taught by our expert teachers in Melbourne, Sydney and London.

One-to-one prep at times to suit you, for maximum score improvement.

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Course Resources 10 hours of video lessons 10 hours of interactive live online classes [?] Live Online classes take place in our interactive virtual classroom. No additional software required. All you need is internet access. 10 hours of live class lessons across 2 days 5 hours of personalized one-to-one exam prep, taught live online
Live instruction      
UMAT Strategy Book [?] All course options automatically include eBook access. You can opt to have a printed book shipped to you in the cart. Tutoring students will automatically receive both a printed and eBook version. 2017 strategy books will be available in March.        
Ongoing Teacher Support Email Email and live responses during class Email and live responses during class Live throughout your tutoring sessions and via email outside lesson time
Online Study Center        
Over 100 recorded instructional videos        
10 full-length practice tests [?] All practice questions come complete with fully worked answers taking you through each answer choice. The complete number of practice tests will be released by 7th April.        
24/7 Access Until test day Until test day Until test day Until test day
Why Kaplan        
Proven strategies for each question type        
Personalized score reports [?] Your reports will guide your study, highlighting test sections and even question types that require further review.        
Kaplan Teachers [?] Kaplan teachers are experts in their fields and go through a rigorous training program of auditions, observations and ongoing feedback surveys to ensure they meet the Kaplan standard of teaching.        
Test-like materials        


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Kaplan is the most trusted prep provider worldwide

Our preparation courses have been helping tens of thousands of students realize their academic potential and gain a place at their desired medical school program. We invest a great deal of time and resources into providing the most test-like materials and the best learning development software. Our goal is to equip our students with everything they need to achieve all they can.


World leader in test prep
We have 75 years of proven expertise in standardized test preparation. Our UMAT course options provide you with the tools, techniques and practice to score higher on the UMAT exam. 


Quality practice
Our team of experts extensively research and analyze the exam to create a quality course to help students succeed on test day.


Most up to date materials
We review and update our course materials every year to provide the most up-to-date and relevant techniques, strategies and practice. Our experienced team of curriculum writers and content developers are true test experts.



Personalized score reports
We have developed a brand new online study center to track your actions as you progress through your course materials. This will help you easily identify the sections and question types where you need to focus.


100% teaching focus
We believe that the true value of a prep course is learning from an expert who will teach you key strategies and techniques to score higher on the exam. Therefore, we don't spend valuable classroom time taking practice tests. With a Kaplan course, classroom time is teaching time.



Kaplan trained teachers
It is not enough to be a high scorer. Kaplan teachers are required to have a top 10% score and take part in a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are also a great teacher. We continuously monitor our faculty and collect student feedback to ensure our high standards are being maintained.

Everything you need for a higher score

Our comprehensive UMAT courses are specifically designed to help provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to get a top score on the UMAT exam.  All of our prep options include:


  • 10 hours of targeted lessons providing complete coverage of the UMAT exam topics and also the proven strategies on how to tackle each question type.
  • Personal Online Study Center hosting all your course materials, tests, study guides and score reports.
  • Full length practice tests to provide the best timing and endurance training.
  • UMAT Strategy Book providing guided study which you can annotate throughout your lessons.
  • Personalized score reports to track your improvement and help guide your study to areas requiring additional review.
  • Detailed explanations to give you a better understanding of the questions.