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Working with Kaplan to Provide SAT and ACT Preparation

Kaplan works with schools, academic institutions and non-profits across the globe to deliver comprehensive SAT and ACT preparation courses to students pursuing the next stage of their educational career.

As part of our extensive service, we provide:

  •  Admissions Test Prep - We will create a bespoke program based on the needs of your institution and students.
  •  Direct access to our top performing teachers - Each course comes with time-based curriculum and access to a wide array of online resources, allowing students to review material, take practice tests and quizzes, and much more - even once the course is over!
  •  Institutional Reporting - You can track the progress of your students to see how the course is benefiting them.
  •  Ongoing student support - We will be there every step of the way, assisting our students to help them achieve their goals.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help your students prepare for the SAT or ACT, please fill in the contact form to the right.




The Kaplan Advantage

Motivating Faculty Our Kaplan-certified teachers all scored in the top 90th percentile or above on the exams they teach and have undergone a rigorous training program, ensuring your students receive the most qualified instruction available.
Easy, Uncomplicated Implementation We work with you to help support your students as they prepare for upcoming exams.
Custom Built Course Schedules We will create a bespoke preparation course in order to meet your students' needs and goals.
Comprehensive Online Resources Our patented online study center gives students access to instructional videos, custom-built quizzes, guided practice and progress reports, and more!
Detail Reporting & Analysis Kaplan's exclusive Smart Reports technology tracks your students' performance and progress, enabling them to focus more on their weaker subjects.