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Our guide to the UCAT ANZ and other aspects of the medical school admissions process in Australia and New Zealand.

How to prepare for all UCAT sections in just 2 weeks

With the UCAT commencing in just under a month, many test-takers will be thrilled to enter the last phase of their preparation journey. However, if you’re someone who has not spent much time preparing, do not fear! There is still plenty of... Read More

COVID-19 - Tackling Your Med Admissions Challenges

COVID-19 has undoubtedly had a huge impact on education this year. With classes shifting online, students have understandably felt anxious and stressed. However, many changes have been implemented to aid students during the crisis. Below... Read More

10 must have techniques for a high UCAT score

With less than 3 months to go till the UCAT begins, the time for preparation has truly begun. Below are 10 must-have techniques that you should look to develop to attain a stellar score.

Is it worth preparing for the UCAT?

The simple answer: YES. The UCAT is a high stakes test held in the month of July for aspiring doctors and dentists. It is a two-hour computer based exam which tests a variety of different skills. Below is an outline for why intense... Read More

A guide to getting into medicine — ATAR prerequisites and support

We invited online tutoring experts Cluey Learning to share their advice on how to get into medicine in Australia & New Zealand. Congratulations on deciding to become a doctor — what a noble career choice! There are medicine courses at... Read More

My Medical School Application Experience

In the midst of year 12, applying for medical school can be stressful and difficult. However, by planning beforehand and by getting your hands on useful resources, your application process can be made efficient and easy. Below I will be... Read More

Tips for achieving your ATAR goal

Getting a high ATAR is no mean feat. It takes a lot of hard work, and at times the challenge can feel overwhelming. Although it’s not the be-all and end-all (there are always other options), getting a high ATAR can mean you’ll have more... Read More

How Important is Work Experience & Interviews?

Unlike in many other countries, work experience is not a mandatory component of medical school applications in Australia and New Zealand. However, it should not be disregarded because it is a favourable asset to include in applications. In... Read More

Australia Medical School Application & Admission Requirements

If you’re getting ready to apply to medical school, you’re probably asking yourself, “where do I start?” The UAC applications is the first step and coupled with that, it’s extremely important for you to also apply directly to the... Read More

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The content was highly accurate, and test-like, when looking at the UCAT material provided by the Consortium examination board.

UCAT Live Online Course Student

The live online course was highly comprehensive and targeted at supporting and ensuring individuals are comfortable with contents and questions. The live online tutor was also highly encouraging and qualified. The tutor was also vocal in ensuring that explanations were clear, and a great atmosphere was created which allowed students learn and ask questions, which were replied to straight away.