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Online Options

Kaplan's UCAT Online course options!

Kaplan's UCAT Online Course is combined with the bonus of a full UCAT Question Bank, and it's designed specifically to help you prepare effectively on your own.

Access 9 full-length practice tests in the comprehensive course and the UCAT Question Bank combined. Use the Personalised Score Reports available in your bank of questions to understand your areas of strength and weakness and to target your prep. Access our Strategy Book and Video Lessons to learn how to apply key strategies.

Whether you just have a couple of weeks to prep or are planning to prepare over a longer span of time, you can find an access period to suit your needs.

3 Months' Access - $75

6 Months' Access - $110

12 Months' Access - $140


Course Features

Our online course is specially tailored from our  classroom course to benefit students that prefer to study on their own, or are unable to take one of our Classroom or Live online course options. This is also a great option if you are looking for more thorough and up to date preparation than UCAT prep books. 

Exclusive bonus inclusion of the UCAT Question Bank:

UCAT Question Bank

4500+ extra questions, comprised of:
4 full-length practice tests
Customisable quizzes + more

Our Online Course includes:

UCAT Strategy eBook

The Kaplan UCAT Strategy Book will follow along with your lessons so you can make notes as you go along. It will take you through each test section, the different question types, strategies and tips for test day.

UCAT Lesson eBook

This workbook will provide extra guidance, practice and tips for each section of the test. Use the book to support your preparation and master taught methods and strategies.

Future Doctors Channel

Free recordings of extra section-specific UCAT sessions from a range of Kaplan experts, including practicing doctors and current medical students.

10 hours of recorded lesson videos

You will be provided with the recorded lesson videos of your course. These will help you to recap on anything you need to review, as you work through your practice materials.

6 Practice Tests

You will have access to 6 online practice tests that will increase your familiarity with UCAT exam questions and build your testing stamina. All our tests can be adapted to fit additional time required by students taking UCATSEN.

500 Mastery Questions

You will receive 500 mastery practice questions. These will help you practice each of the Kaplan methods in an un-timed format, helping you work on your general understanding of the material, before you work on your timed practice.

30 Section Focused Quizzes

Structure your practice with 30 quizzes: 6 quizzes for each assessed section of the UCAT with over 700 questions. You will be able to sharpen your skills on specific test sections in order to improve your overall score.

Personalised reports

Instantly track your progress on your practice tests and quizzes, view your average pace, performance by question type and access detailed explanations for every question. Your home screen will provide your test statistics for instant retrieval.

24/7 Access

Access your online resources at any point that suits you for complete convenience.




Course Topics

Our UCAT suite of video lessons and strategy sessions covers all UCAT test sections as follows:

Video Lesson Breakdown: 

The first part of the course covers the basics of each test section. In each complete lesson we will: 

  • Introduce the test section and what it is assessing
  • Identify and explain the Kaplan method
  • Take you through worked examples
  • Identify key challenges of each test section 

Basic Lessons:

  • Verbal Reasoning Basics
  • Decision Making Basics
  • Quantitative Reasoning Basics
  • Abstract Reasoning Basics
  • Situational Judgement Basics

Now that you will have an understanding of each section, the second part of the course covers the more advanced aspects, overcoming the more challenging aspects and question types of each section, more worked examples of these and advice from our test experts. 

Advanced Lessons: 

  • Verbal Reasoning Advanced
  • Decision Making Advanced
  • Quantitative Reasoning Advanced
  • Abstract Reasoning Advanced
  • Situational Judgement Advanced

The 3 strategy sessions also included, are designed to cover the essentials of UCAT scoring, pacing, practicing and preparing for test day - the fundamentals that will help you achieve your best score!

Strategy Session Breakdown: 

  • Scoring & Triage
  • Pacing & Practicing
  • Preparing for Test Day


What's the difference between the online and the live course options?

The Online course covers the same material as the live course options. However, it consists of online video content instead of live teacher instruction. This online course offers greater flexibility for study, as you can access it 24/7. However, it requires more independent study, as you would not interact with Kaplan teachers.

All courses, however, come with the complete suite of online practice tests, questions and quizzes; including score reports and detailed explanations.

When will my access period start?

You can choose when to start your access period, and will have access up until the day of your test.

What can I expect of the UCAT resources on the course?

You will receive an extensive range of preparation tools including an Online Study Centre (complete with 6 tests and 500+ quizzes) and a Strategy Book.

Find out what our students thought...

UCAT Live Online Course Student

The content was highly accurate, and test-like, when looking at the UCAT material provided by the Consortium examination board.

UCAT Live Online Course Student

The live online course was highly comprehensive and targeted at supporting and ensuring individuals are comfortable with contents and questions. The live online tutor was also highly encouraging and qualified. The tutor was also vocal in ensuring that explanations were clear, and a great atmosphere was created which allowed students learn and ask questions, which were replied to straight away.