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Tutoring Features

Teaching Excellence
Top 10% High-scoring & expert teachers Learn More
Online Study Centre
7500+ realistic practice questions
10 full-length practice tests
Kaplan Exclusive
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UCAT Live Online Private Tutoring package includes:

Tailored Preparation

Your teacher will take you through the Kaplan methods and strategies at a pace that works for you. As experts who have scored in the top 10% of UCAT test-takers, our teachers have the expertise to help you identify where you require further focus, and will tailor your preparation accordingly. Teachers will be based in the UK.

Flexible Options

You can meet with your teacher at our London Centre or Live Online, using our virtual classroom environment, if you are located further afield.

UCAT Strategy Book

This book will follow along with your tutoring sessions, so you can makes notes throughout. This will outline the Kaplan methods and strategies, as well as providing tips for test day.

UCAT Lesson Book

This 90-page workbook will provide an extra hour-long lesson for each section of the UCAT test. You will use this book to work through more guided practice, and sharpen taught techniques to approach the test. Available in print or eBook format for Private Tutoring students.

On-going Academic Support

You will continue to have access to your UCAT tutor, even after your sessions have finished, ensuring that all your questions and concerns will be resolved before the big day. Please also note that tutors will be based in the UK.

Online Study Centre:

Future Doctors Channel

Free recordings of extra section-specific UCAT strategy sessions from a range of Kaplan experts, including practicing doctors and current medical students.

Recorded lesson videos

Access 10 hours of recorded lesson videos, helping you to review each lesson topic outside your tutoring sessions. Each course section is broken down into bite-size videos, so you can easily pin-point your desired topic to recap.

500 Mastery Questions

You will also have access to our Mastery Questions Set with 500 additional practice questions. These questions are designed to help you understand and identify the different question types, in an un-timed environment, before you embark on your timed practice in your online study centre.

6 Practice Tests

You will receive 6 UCAT practice tests in an interface that's just like the real test. This will not only help you put what you have learnt throughout your sessions into practice, but also build up your exam stamina for test day.

30 Section Focused Quizzes Questions

Structure your practice with 30 quizzes: 6 quizzes for each assessed section of the UCAT with over 700 questions. You will be able to sharpen your skills on specific test sections in order to improve your overall score.

*Bonus UCAT Question Bank*

Get access to an additional 4500+ questions, plus 4 extra full-length practice tests, and customisable quizzes to master your technique and perfect your score.

Track your progress

After you take each practice test or quiz, a personalised report will be generated, where you can view your performance by test section, by question type and also view your pacing by question. This will identify areas that need further improvement and help guide your study.

iPad® & tablet compatible

Access your video lessons, quizzes and practice tests on-the-go (as long as you have internet access) with our new tablet-friendly interface. Keep on top of your UCAT prep from wherever you are.

Access until test day

All the time you need to access the online resources before the day of your test.

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Private Tutoring Options:

To Inquire Call:
+61 1800 320 827 (Australia)
+ 64 800 995 064 (New Zealand)
Business Hours
10am-10pm Tuesday-Thursday
10am-6pm Monday, Friday & Saturday
Closed on Sunday
Package Practice Tests Number of course books Recorded Lesson Videos On-going Teacher Support Online Study Centre Access Enrol : Live Online
10 Hours 6 (+3 in Question Bank) 2 10 Live Online
( $1270) Enrol 

You will be matched with a UCAT Tutor depending on your needs and availability. You will meet with the tutor at times to suit you and each session will be tailored to your own specific goals and progress.

Please note: Tutors are based in the UK and the timing of your sessions will need to run between operating GMT hours, this will mean either morning or evenining AEDT hours.  


Meet the tutors

Meet the Teachers

Kaplan's UCAT teachers are a highly-trained UK team of UCAT experts who rank in the top 10% of UCAT test takers. Many of them are final year students and graduates from top medical schools. They have a relatable understanding of the application process, and are experts in teaching the strategies needed to score highly on the test.

Our teachers are:

  • Achievers – Top UCAT® scorers.
  • Experts – Rigorously trained and regularly assessed.
  • Talented – Thoroughly screened through a highly competitive audition process.
  • Relatable – Medical students and graduates who share firsthand application experiences.
Rohin A - University of Oxford
Rohin is a 4th year medical student at Oxford and decided to teach UCAT courses for Kaplan two years ago with the aim of helping students through this tough phase in the application process. He scored 815 on his UCAT test in 2013, and is involved in the delivery of the new Kaplan Future Doctors Channel. At Oxford, he is a member of the student medical society committee.
"The most important part of any exam is technique and this is especially true in the case of the UCAT, since the focus is not on curriculum content, but skill, pace and mental agility."
Amna H - Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Amna is a final year student at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, and holds a BSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine. She has been teaching for Kaplan for 4 years and achieved an average score of 730 on the UCAT. She also assists with other areas of the application process and has sat on medical school admission-interview panels. Her specialisation interests are in paediatrics. She is also an active member of the “Teddybear Hospital”, a student-led society at Barts and the London which aims to educate children about the importance of health in a fun environment, and eliminate their fear of doctors and dentists.
"Spread out your preparation over 3-6 weeks (no cramming allowed!). Remember to enjoy the process, because every hurdle you face will only make you a stronger and more experienced doctor in the future. "
Aisha Chowdhury - UCL

Aisha scored an average of 732.5 on the UCAT, which she accredited to taking the Kaplan UCAT course before applying to university. She's an active member on the GP MedSoc committee at UCL where she runs panel events with GPs, and she is also a Med mentor, supporting underprivileged students applying for medicine.

"Preparing for the UCAT is all about practice and pacing, and you will only get faster at answering questions by practising."
Nikhil A - Imperial College
Nikhil is a final year medical student at Imperial College London, who has been teaching Kaplan UCAT and BMAT course for 4 years. As an experienced UCAT teacher, and a previous Kaplan UCAT student himself, he highlights that although it's often said that you can't revise for these tests, you most certainly can and should. "Kaplan is continually expanding and editing the material to keep up to date with all the changes on the test, and to make practice material as useful as possible".
"It's good to be organised: have a timetable of important dates and try to book the UCAT early so that there is enough time to focus on the exams."
Tasneem L - Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Tasneem has been teaching the UCAT for 3 years and is now a 4th year medical school student at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. She scored 725 on the UCAT and states that getting a good UCAT score gave her the confidence to apply to medical school, and allowed her to get all her interviews. As a previous Kaplan UCAT student and a current teacher, she says that Kaplan courses provide the basic grounding and foundation to build skills for the test.
"If you take the hurdles of applying to medical school one step at a time and without discouragement, you'll be fine."

Find out what our students thought...

UCAT Live Online Course Student

The content was highly accurate, and test-like, when looking at the UCAT material provided by the Consortium examination board.

UCAT Live Online Course Student

The live online course was highly comprehensive and targeted at supporting and ensuring individuals are comfortable with contents and questions. The live online tutor was also highly encouraging and qualified. The tutor was also vocal in ensuring that explanations were clear, and a great atmosphere was created which allowed students learn and ask questions, which were replied to straight away.