Bridge to Rwanda Volunteer Programme 2013

Bridge2Rwanda was formed in 2007 to create educational and economic opportunities to assist in the long-term development of Rwanda. The main focus of the organisation is the Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Programme, where Rwanda’s top students are immersed in a comprehensive one year course equipping them with the skills to apply for international scholarships around the world. Not only do B2R want their scholars to succeed as international students, but also to live with purpose as representatives and future leaders of Rwanda. Many go on to study for degrees at US universities, and the goal is for them to return to Rwanda to provide future leadership for the country. Bridge2Rwanda also conduct outreach work with local schools, educating them about the US university system and the application process.

In late June 2013, after a rigorous application and interview process,  one of KTPi's own London SAT teachers travelled to Kigali to provide two weeks of SAT teaching and teacher information sessions. This year there was a total of 1,200 high school applicants from Rwanda’s local top performing high schools who applied to the B2R scholarship scheme. The selection criteria included principles such as excellent academic achievement and exceptional leadership skills, amongst others. Of the total applicants, thirty successful students were chosen to take part in the year-long scholarship programme, many of whom will have directly suffered the impact and effects of the Rwandan genocide.

Our teacher conducted an intensive week long SAT class for the students, and the impact of his teaching was clear; the students SAT scores improved two hundred and thirty-seven points from the initial to the final SAT practice test. Our contacts at Bridge2Rwanda report that he went above and beyond his role, dedicating twelve hour days to teaching and providing the students with one to one support and feedback. During his stay in Kigali, he also completed a successful teacher information day where he provided SAT and US application process information to ten international teachers, equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to communicate this information to other students and teachers. Our SAT teacher made a marked and highly positive impact to the students at B2R, they clearly benefitted greatly from his teaching and his infectious enthusiasm.