GRE® Official Test Day Experience

Exclusive to Kaplan Students in the UK, Mexico, Canada and the United States- Take a practice test at a real GRE testing center!

The Official GRE Test Experience

Get the most realistic GRE practice possible with the GRE Official Test Day Experience. No other prep company offers this opportunity!

Only with Kaplan, can you take a practice test at an actual Prometric® GRE testing facility. The Official Test Day Experience is a fantastic benefit of our comprehensive GRE programs — and your Test Day success.

Why is the Official Test Day Experience important?

Taking a practice test at an actual GRE testing center is completely different than taking it at home or in a classroom. Many test-takers find the environment uncomfortable, causing test day anxiety and impacting performance. Our goal is to make sure you feel calm and confident going into test day. With the Official Test Day Experience, you will know exactly what to expect on test day , because you've done it before, and you will get a level of realistic practice that no other test prep provider can offer. By Test Day, your confidence will be at an all-time high — and your score will follow. 

Who is eligible for The GRE Official Test Day Experience?

Students enrolled in a comprehensive GRE Course, either In Person, Live Online, Self-Paced or Private Tutoring students are all eligible for the Official Test Day Experience.

****The GRE Official Test Day Experience is available at the GRE Prometric® test centers in the UK, Mexico, Canada and the US.  List of Test Center Locations