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Become a Provider

Kaplan Certified Education Providers (KCEPs) resell Kaplan’s live course programs to students in local markets similar to our own US and international delivery.  Our clients are co-branded as Kaplan Certified Education Providers and offer live test preparation in their own location. 

Kaplan is interested in identifying organizations that are a strong match for our KCEP program to sell courses to students looking to pursue college or graduate school in the US, or equivalent requisites in Europe or Asia.  Through our KCEP program, Kaplan offers preparation for the SAT® (college), GMAT® (business school), GRE® (graduate school), LSAT® (law school),  MCAT® (medical school), USMLE® (medical licensure), NCLEX® (nursing licensure), NBDE® (dental licensure), and TOEFL® (English language). 

This is a key time for Kaplan to focus on markets outside the US, given the increased demand for test preparation services globally.  As such, we are looking to expand our global footprint by identifying organizations that would be a strong strategic fit to Kaplan’s product offering.  Ideal third-party candidates would typically include the following characteristics, whether these assets are currently held by an organization or whether the organization would establish such resources:

  1. Similar product offering to education, such as educational consultancy for study abroad, test preparation for local exams (not offered in Kaplan’s product mix), English language services, or like products and services.

  2. Physical center facility to offer Kaplan’s live preparation programs with classrooms for teaching and Internet-networked computer lab for students to access course resources.

  3. Teachers to deliver Kaplan programs that would qualify to teach respective courses (equivalent to +90-percentile score on a particular exam).

  4. Sales and marketing teams skilled at promoting educational programs through consultative selling.

  5. Strong network within educational community.

If you are interested in learning more about Kaplan’s Certified Education Provider program, please fill in the form in the 'Apply' tab.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Please see the Locations tab to find a list of our Certified Education Providers.

KCEP Locations

The global network of Kaplan Certified Education Providers extends to over 20 countries worldwide.

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