I had a great experience. I know that I am very well prepared to do well on test day. My brother is about to start his journey to medicine and I will absolutely recommend spending the time and money on Kaplan. There's literally no better way to prepare.

LUKE D, Kaplan MCAT Prep- Live Online student

This is an excellent course! The strategies and resources you provide are outstanding. You are also willing to work with students and help meet the needs of individuals. I am and will continue to recommend Kaplan courses to anyone I meet that is preparing for medical school or other professional/graduate programs.

MATTHEW L, Kaplan MCAT-Self-Paced student

Overall, excellent program. The resources are extensive, and very helpful. The class schedule keeps people on track. Overall it's been a great experience.

KARI N, Kaplan MCAT Prep- Live Online student

Great course. I wouldn't have known where to start without it.

ANNA H, Kaplan MCAT-Self-Paced student

I really like how personalized the program is and I do think it is set up very well.

MARINA S, Kaplan MCAT Prep- Live Online student