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What is Live Online?

Our Live Online course consists of virtual classes that meet on a regular schedule and allows you as the student to join wherever you have internet access. The course is completely interactive, giving you the ability to raise your 'virtual hand' and converse with your teacher and other classmates through online chat!

Why Choose Live Online?

Flexibilty and Convenience Prepare for the SAT from anywhere in the world with internet access! Our Live Online course provides structured review sessions, practical tips, and practice exams just like our In Person course but with the benefit of convenience! You will be taught by our expert US instructors and can interact with your fellow students in our virtual classroom.
NEW! The SAT Channel New and exclusive to Kaplan, the SAT Channel offers live streaming prep from the best instructors. Combined with our Live Online course, it includes the most hours of interactive prep available.
Comprehensive Exam Review The course begins with an orientation to familiarize yourself with the online classroom environment and your instructor. Lessons cover all of the test content, and full-length practice tests allow for opportunities to test your knowledge. Your practice tests, homework and quizzes are all accessesed from your structured online syllabus.
Customized Study Your individual study plan targets your weaknesses in order to help raise your SAT score faster.
Access the College Admissions Zone A one-stop resource that includes information on colleges, how to access financial aid and much more.
Higher Score Guarantee* Kaplan maximises your chances of acing the SAT with our money back guarantee.
Online Study Centre You will have access to online workshops, video sessions, quizzes and lessons on demand.

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NEW! In addition to the in-class practice tests, you will now have access to four College Board Official SAT Practice Tests within your online syllabus.

Session Topic Duration
1 Practice Test 1: Diagnostic 4 hours and 15 minutes
2 Introduction to the Kaplan Methods
Topic 1: The Kaplan Method for Math
Topic 2: Systems of Equations
Topic 3: The Kaplan Method for Reading Comprehension
Topic 4: The Kaplan Method for Writing & Language and Infographics
3 hours
3 Problem Solving, Passage Types and the Essay
Topic 5: Scatterplots
Topic 6: Intro to Problem Solving
Topic 7: Reading Test Passage Types
Topic 8: The Kaplan Method for the SAT Essay
3 hours
4 Practice Test 2 4 hours and 15 minutes
5 Functions, Equations, Reading Closely and Sentence Structure
Topic 9: Functions & Function Notation
Topic 10: Quadratic Equations
Topic 11: Reading Closely (Detail and Inference)
Topic 12: Sentence Structure
3 hours
6 Advanced Polynomials, Citing Textual Evidence and Passage Development
Topic 13: Exponents, Radicals, Polynomials & Rational Expressions
Topic 14: Advanced Techniques for Polynomials
Topic 15: Citing Textual Evidence and Determining Central Ideas and Themes
Topic 16: Development
3 hours
7 Practice Test 3 4 hours and 15 minutes
8 Statistics & Probability, Rhetoric, and Writing the Essay
Topic 17: Two-Way Tables and Probabilty
Topic 18: Rhetoric I
Topic 19: Rhetoric II
Topic 20: Essay
3 hours
9 Practice Test 4 4 hours and 15 minutes
10 Imaginary Numbers, Geometry, and English Conventions
Topic 21: Imaginary Numbers
Topic 22:Lines, Angles, and Triangles
Topic 23: Conventions of Usage
Topic 24: Countdown to Test Day; Strategy and Method Review
3 hours




SAT Course Book
This contains the lessons and homework that will be taught and reviewed in each of the classroom sessions.

SAT Study Sheet
Found at the back of the SAT Course Book, this two-sided sheet contains the most important math and grammar concepts tested on the SAT. It can be torn out and used as a reference for homework, or as a quick review on Test Day.

 Online Study Center
 With Online Study Center access you will receive the following:

  • Customised Study Plan: These will be formed on the basis of your diagnostic test results and performance in the quizzes.

  • Four official College Board practice tests.

  • Instructional Videos: Each skill within a program's scope and sequence has an instructional video led by a Kaplan-trained instructor. The video’s last between 4 and 8 minutes and focus on a specific aspect of the SAT.

  • Guided Practice: Each Guided Practice module contains three practice questions about a specific aspect of the SAT. If help is needed, you can receive a hint from the system.

  • Quizzes: Based on specific SAT aspects, these take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

  • Progress and Performance Reports: Ability to review overall score from practice test results.

N.B. Upon enrollment you will have the option to choose e-books in order to save on postage costs.