• Course Features

What's included:

Speaking review Submit recordings and receive detailed feedback from our expert native English speaking teachers in your online study center.
Writing sample review You can submit your essay samples to the Kaplan Essay-Grading Team and receive a grader's score and feedback.
6 months' access Access your materials 24/7 providing total flexibility. Includes expert instruction for all areas of the test through video tutorials, practice materials as well as Kaplan's TOEFL Prep Plus book*.
Over 190 video lessons Access our complete video library of expertly crafted TOEFL instruction.
4 full-length practice tests Simulate the real test experience with these realistic full-length tests. These will help to track your progress and act as a guide to identify when you are ready to take the test.
Over 450 practice items Our TOEFL Prep Plus book provides over 450 practice questions and exercises for you to assess what you have learned through your video tutorials to keep your study on track. 
Progress Reports Our Smart Report technology will clearly pin-point your strengths and weaknesses, so you know where to next focus your study.

*Additional cost of shipping depending on location