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Kaplan's Live Online course brings the classroom to you!

In our virtual classroom you will engage with your teacher and classmates, just like in a physical classroom. You will be able to ask questions, see your teacher and the whiteboard on your computer screen. There is no additional software required - all you need is internet access!

What's included in your Live Online course?

2 or 4 days of Live Classes 10 hours of live class instruction we will take you through our proven methods and strategies on how to approach every question type, providing you with the tools needed to answer the UMAT test questions quickly and accurately.
Strategy Sessions As part of your live classes, your teacher will also go through test tips, what to expect on test day, and cover how the exam is scored.
UMAT Strategy Book Our UMAT Strategy Book is designed to follow along with your live classes, so you can make notes throughout your lessons. This study guide also contains extra practice and useful test tips to help get you ready for test day.
Kaplan Teachers Our teachers have all scored in the top 10% and gone through a rigorous training program, followed up with on-going review. We are passionate about keeping our lessons interactive and engaging to ensure the information sticks!
On-going Teacher Support You can contact us with any test concerns or practice question difficulties after your course has finished, right up until test day. We want you to feel confident and ready to face this tough exam, so we are happy to help deal with any last minute concerns you may have.

Your Online Study Center

On Demand Video Lessons In addition to your classes, you will also receive recorded video lessons in your Online Study Center, so you can go back and review the different areas where you might need to recap.
10 Full-length Practice Tests Put your new methods and strategies to the test with our full-length practice tests, designed to test both your knowledge of how to answer the different question types and also your testing stamina. All practice questions come complete with fully worked answers taking you through each answer choice, which will help you avoid common answer traps in the future.
Personalized Score Reports After you have taken each test you will be issued with a personalized report detailing your performance by test area, even down to your specific question type performance for that test. This will identify the areas that you need to focus on before you go on to take your next test.
Access Until Test Day! You can begin your course access from the start of your course, where you can access your online lessons as many times as needed until you take the exam in July 2018.


Our UMAT Live Online course options for the 2017 UMAT exam sitting have now finished, however we still have UMAT Self Study option available, offering comprehensive preparation and extensive practice materials for the UMAT exam. 

Your live class sessions will teach you the following UMAT exam topics:

UMAT Lesson Topics
Logical Reasoning - Kaplan method for Logical Reasoning
- Making inferences based on the data
- Breaking down Logical Reasoning questions using Formal Logic
Problem Solving -Identifying Experiment Questions and Logic Puzzles
- Kaplan method for Experiment Questions
- Kaplan method for Logic Puzzles
- Characterizing answer choices on negative questions
Interpersonal Understanding - Identifying the different Interpersonal understanding question types
- Kaplan method for different Interpersonal Understanding question types.
Non-verbal Reasoning - Identifying the different Non-verbal question types
- Kaplan method for different question types


Strategy Session Topics
Scoring and Triage - UMAT Scoring and Percentiles
- Standardized Testing: advantages and disadvantages
- Paper-based Testing: advantages and disadvantages
Pacing and Practicing - Identifying question types conducive to triage
- Time management strategies
- How to use your paper-based test on test day
Advanced Triage - Identifying question types conducive to triage
- Time management strategies
- How to use your paper-based test on test day
Preparing for Test Day - Identifying question types conducive to triage
- Time management strategies
- How to use your paper-based test on test day



Is there a difference between a UMAT Classroom Course and a UMAT Live Online Course?

The obvious difference between the two courses is that if you opt for a Live Online course, you won't physically be joining your teacher in a classroom. However, the online classroom that you will join allows you to see your teacher through a webcam, chat with other students, watch as your teacher illustrates answers to questions, and ask any questions you might have. Everything else between the two courses is exactly the same.

How does UMAT Live Online work?

Using Adobe Connect Software, our virtual classroom allows you to receive all the benefits of a live classroom course, but from home! You won't need to install any software. When you join the virtual classroom, your teacher will encourage you to run the audio wizard to ensure that everything is set up correctly. We'll send your course materials to you through the post (unless ebook option is selected), so the only thing required for the course is internet access, and a computer with speakers or a headset so that you can hear your teacher.

What will I see on my screen when I am in the virtual classroom?

The virtual classroom has a number of features, so the layout of the screen will change according to what the teacher is reviewing. Features include presentation slides (which correspond with your course materials), UMAT questions, a question-and-answer box, chat areas, online polls and an onscreen whiteboard which the instructor will write on just like in a “real” classroom.