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Online Tutoring 

Our most convenient option, providing access to Kaplan tutors from anywhere. Your tutoring sessions will take place online using our virtual learning platform, where you can can talk and interact directly with your teacher throughout your sessions. No new software is required; all you need is internet access.

What's included in your online tutoring package? 

Up to 10 Hours of Bespoke Study Your instructor will take you through the methods and strategies of how to approach each question type within each test construct, ensuring that you completely grasp each one before moving onto the next topic.
Strategy Book Throughout your tutoring sessions you will work through your UMAT Strategy book, where you will work through different exercises, practice drills and tips for test day.
Outstanding UMAT Tutors Our UMAT Tutors are not only experts in the exam (having scored in the top 10%); they have also gone through a rigorous training program and on-going review to ensure that they are also great teachers. We are passionate about creating an interactive and engaging learning environment for our students to help make the information stick.
On-going Teacher Support Our support will not end once you have completed your tutoring lessons. You can contact us with any questions you may have about the test and we will have our teachers get back to you.

Online Study Center

On Demand Video Lessons Alongside your tutoring lessons you will also have access to recorded lesson videos of our entire UMAT course, broken down into 5-10 minute videos. This means you can pin-point and recap on any of your lesson topics 24/7.
10 Full-length Practice Tests Put your knowledge to the test with our test-like UMAT practice tests, also a great way to test your exam stamina. All practice questions come complete with fully worked answers and detailed explanations.
Personalized Score Reports After each practice test you will receive a personalized score report, providing data on your performance by test topic and even drills down to performance by question type. This information will help guide your study to areas that need further focus before you take your next practice test.
Access Until Test Day You will receive access to your personal online study center from the start of your tutoring sessions all the way up until you sit the exam in July 2018.

Please note: Our earliest appointments for the UMAT 2018 exam will start from February 2018, so please bear this in mind when selecting your start date. 

How do I book my tutoring sessions? 

Once you have purchased your package of private tutoring sessions, we will contact you to discuss your availability and match you to a tutor. Your first online tutoring session will begin with an introduction to understand your goals and areas that you are most concerned about. You will then work through our UMAT syllabus with your tutor, concentrating on any areas where you need the most help.

How do my online tutoring sessions take place?

Our online tutoring sessions take place through our Adobe® Connect software. Our teachers will use webcams so you can hear and see your teacher and your virtual whiteboard - just like in-person tutoring. 

Do I need special software to take part in the sessions?

As long as your web browser is up to date, there should not be any specific software required to take part in your sessions. 

Private Tutoring Options:

What can you expect to cover?
Practice Tests
Recorded Video Lessons
Ongoing Teacher Support

5 hours
- Ideal for basic coverage of the Kaplan methods and strategies for each section. 
- To focus on strategies and improving performance in certain test sections. 




10 hours

Comprehensive coverage of the Kaplan methods and strategies for each test section.