• Key Features

Practice tests are a great way to gain familiarity with the UMAT, to assess your progress, and identify where you can improve. Ideally this should be supported with preparation that teaches you exam techniques and strategies on how to improve your score and overall test performance, before you move on to your next practice test.  

UMAT practice test bundle includes:

3 full-length practice tests  These test-like exams are produced by expert UMAT test writers to ensure that your practice is as realistic as possible. They are essential for understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Once determined, you will be able to target your study much more efficiently to focus on the areas that require the most improvement. 
Detailed explanations Each question comes with fully worked solutions, explaining not only why the correct answer was correct, but also why the incorrect answers were not. This will help you to build an understanding of the question types and therefore avoid common pitfalls in the future.
Personalized reports After you take each test and submit your answer choices, an instant performance report will be generated, outlining your performance by test area and question type. This will really help you target your study.
1 strategy session  This recorded video lesson on "Preparing for Test Day" will help you plan your study schedule on the run up to test day, as well as offer test tips and advice.
Access until test day You will have access to your tests, explanations and score reports right up until you take the upcoming exam in July.

 The practice tests featured are automatically included as part of all comprehensive UMAT prep courses. This practice test bundle is therefore not recommended if you have already enrolled on a Kaplan UMAT course option.