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Kaplan's UMAT Self Study course provides you with the methods, strategies and practice you need to get a top score on the UMAT exam. Your personal online study centre will help you to work through the material at a flexible pace.

UMAT Self Study: $215

Flexible on demand instruction with video lessons and comprehensive resources to help you take expert control of your learning .

  • Over 100 Video Lessons: Broken down into short easy to digest video, so it’s easy to target specific test topics and question types when reviewing the material.
  • UMAT Strategy Book: Designed to follow along with your lesson videos so you can make relevant notes as you watch. Also including strategies, tips and extra practice!
  • 10 full-length practice tests: Fully test-like practice papers that will put your knowledge to the test and help improve your testing stamina. Our practice tests are also reinforced with personalised score reports.
  • Access until test day: You can begin your course access from February, and view your online lessons as many times as needed until you take the exam in July.
UMAT Plus: $405

Receive all the features of our Self Study Course, plus online private tutoring sessions to support your learning with personalized expert instruction.

  • 2-hours of tailored online tutoring: Make the most out of these sessions by working through your UMAT Self Study course first, then follow that with your one-to-one tutoring so you can focus on areas of weakness and master time-saving techniques.
  • Flexibility: Have the opportunity to study and request tutor support at a time most convenient for you.
  • Comprehensive On-Demand Prep: Full access to Kaplan's UMAT Self Study course. Including video lessons, full-length practice tests, personalized score reports and a UMAT Strategy book to establish and sharpen your skills for the UMAT.


You will learn to master the following topics throughout your video lessons: 

UMAT Lesson Topics
Logical Reasoning  - Kaplan method for Logical Reasoning
 - Making inferences based on the data
 - Breaking down Logical Reasoning questions using Formal Logic
Problem Solving   - Identifying Experiment Questions and Logic Puzzles
 - Kaplan method for Experiment Questions
 - Kaplan method for Logic Puzzles
 - Characterizing answer choices on negative questions
Interpersonal Understanding  - Identifying the different Interpersonal understanding question types
 - Kaplan method for different Interpersonal Understanding question types.
Non-verbal Reasoning  - Identifying the different Non-verbal question types
 - Kaplan method for different question types
Strategy Session Topics
Scoring and Triage  - UMAT Scoring and Percentiles
 - Standardized Testing: advantages and disadvantages
 - Paper-based Testing: advantages and disadvantages
Pacing and Practicing  - Identifying question types conducive to triage
 - Time management strategies
 - How to use your paper-based test on test day
Advanced Triage  - Identifying common mistakes of UMAT test takers
 - Use Kaplan UMAT Triage strategy to maximize time and scores
Preparing for Test Day  - Planning your study until test day
 - What to expect on test day