• Consulting Overview
US Undergraduate Admissions Consulting Packages

A member of our Academic Team will contact you after registration to discuss your needs and requirements and will then to assign you to a consultant. All your communication with the consultant will be done remotely - by phone, email or Skype - and independently, when the consultant works on your behalf.

  • 6 hours - $1350
  • 10 hours - $1950
  • 15 hours - $2875
Which package is right for me?

Our range of Admissions Consulting options enable you to select the number of hours that best meets your needs - sample activities, and approximate timing, include (but are not limited to):

  • Initial meeting: 1 hour
  • Discussing goals: 1 hour
  • Selecting colleges: 2 hours per college
  • Reviewing application forms: 1 hour
  • Selecting appropriate testing: 1 hour
  • Plan and edit essays for each application: 2 hours per application
  • Discussing financial aid: 1 hour
  • Transcript and recommendation guidance: 1 hour

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements further.