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7 day's access Preview our complete USMLE Step 1 Qbank Integrated Plan and get a snapshot of how you can use the full tool to get the USMLE Step 1 score you need.

Full tool features:

2,100 Qbank Questions Assess your understanding of the basic sciences with test-like USMLE practice questions. Practice questions help you to build a deeper understanding of the topics tested and our detailed explanations will also make sure you learn from any mistakes. 
70 Hours of Interactive Videos Review the most commonly tested topics through video review in bite-size chunks to help you to easily digest the information. Questions are built into the video to help you engage fully with the content for maximum retention. 
26 Mastery Assessments Gauge your level of understanding by test area with 480 multiple-choice, exam-like questions. 
Personalized Recommendations You will receive a personalized study plan with recommendations that continually adapt as you progress through the course.
2 Full-Length Simulated Exams Practice makes perfect with 2 practice exams, which will also help build your endurance and ability to maintain focus throughout such a lengthy exam.