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Tutoring Features

Get the ultimate in GRE prep with Online Private Tutoring.

Receive one-to-one expert guidance from an expert Kaplan tutor and improving your GRE Score - available from any location with internet access!

What's included with GRE Private Tutoring?

  • One-to-one tailored sessions that fit your needs via Adobe Connect
  • GRE Official Test Day Experience
  • GRE Channel Access
  • GRE Diagnostic Test and personalized study plan
  • 3 months Access to Kaplan's Online Study Center with 5000+ practice items
  • Over 100 Math, Verbal and Analytical Writing workshops and quizzes
  • 7 full-length practice tests with performance tracking with our exclusive Smart Reports ®
  • Complimentary access to a Kaplan GRE Live Online
  • Backed by Kaplan's Higher Score Guarantee*
  • Course materials included: Kaplan's GRE® Prep Course Book and Pocket Reference with Math and Verbal Content

How does Private Tutoring work?

You will begin by taking our GRE diagnostic test which will help determine your strengths and weaknesses. From here, your tutor will help you construct a personalized study plan which will include strategies and methods for tackling a variety of GRE question types. In addition, you'll receive a comprehensive package of course books along with access to our online study center which includes homework assignments, 7 full-length multi-stage practice exams, and recorded video lessons. 

Please Note: You will need to put aside time outside of your lessons to review, study, and complete any homework or assignments. Time periods may vary slightly based on availability and the needs of the student.

Spaces with tutors are limited! We recommend that you book at least 2-3 weeks in advance to guarantee your place. If you are interested in booking a package and have specific time constraints, please contact us before registering so we can confirm availability.

All tutoring packages include access to a GRE®  Live Online course. If you enroll online you will be prompted to choose a course schedule. It is mandatory to choose a course in order to purchase your private tutoring package; however, it is not mandatory to join the course sessions.



Tutoring Options

Choose the tutoring package that's best for you!

For complete GRE coverage, we offer 10, 20 and 30-hour Private Tutoring packages. You'll receive complete access to Kaplan's online resources, comprehensive Live Online classroom course and supplementary courses as part of your tutoring.

Packages What is Covered? Online Study Centre Access GRE Live Online Course Higher Score Guarantee* Price
10 Hours - Live Online Ideal for targeting your weaker areas and  basic coverage of all subjects.
20 Hours - Live OnlinePerfect for a customised review of all subjects.
30 Hours - Live Online Comprehensive, in-depth coverage of all subjects