GMAT®, GRE®, SAT®, USMLE®, NCLEX®, UCAT®, UCAT-ANZ®, BMAT®, IELTS® & TOEFL® Preparation Courses in Malaysia

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In an agency business like ours, the most important asset is a sterling reputation. Nugrahan has indeed carved an amazing reputation in Malaysia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia for our student placement services. Since 2013, Nugrahan has ventured in many postgraduate programs to better serve the education market. We pride ourselves in providing a quality and trustworthy service for all our clientele.

As the Kaplan Certified Education Provider (KCEP) in Malaysia, Nugrahan supports prospective students for Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional Licensing & English Language programs.

As a KCEP, Nugrahan provides:

  • Classroom-based test prep courses which utilize proven Kaplan methods and strategies

  • Extensive online study resources with many hours of additional content

  • High-quality realistic practice tests

If you would like to receive information on learning options and pricing, please complete the enquiry form, or see the table of course schedules below to enquire about upcoming course dates.