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If you are a doctor who qualified outside of the US, you must become ECFMG-certified in order to work and train in the US. You must pass the USMLE exam series in order to become certified and apply for Residency. High scores on the USMLE exams, particularly USMLE Step 1, are essential for those wishing to enter US Residency programs.

Kaplan offers a wide range of options to fit every budget and study style, so you get the prep you need for the residency you want.

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For everyone’s safety, Kaplan Med Centers are remaining closed until further notice. Our USMLE lectures are still available live online - same great teachers, same great content, same great guarantee.

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Dr. Adeleh, Matched in 2017
I should consider myself as one of the luckiest IMG applicants because not only did I match into Ophthalmology, which is my favorite specialty in medicine, but that I will also be going to UC Diego for my Ophthalmology residency.
Dr. Francisco, Matched in 2017
I matched in my top choice, which was San Francis Hospital in Evanston, IL. I can tell you that was the happiest day of my life, the greatest thing that has every happened. I was living my dream and this couldn't have happened without the help of Kaplan.

Dr. Karminder, Matched in 2017
I got matched into an Internal Medicine program in Mount Sinai, New York. I came to the United States and started preparing for the exam (USMLE) and I got very good scores and it is because of the resources I used. One of the most important resources was Kaplan.
Dr. Nyein, Matched in 2017
I got matched into Jamaica Hospital Center in Queens, New York. When I knew my match result, it was one of the happiest days in my life because I have been working so hard toward my goal of getting a residency here in the US.

Free Resources

USMLE Free Resources

Take a look at our free USMLE resources page and access a free online practice test, practice questions and live online events focused on the USMLE exam series, as well as essential information about the Match and the residency application process.

Free Resources

Find out what our students thought...

Bruno L, Step 1 Prep - Live, In Center

- Kaplan gave me structure and interesting Live Lectures. - It allowed me to meet with IMGs going through the same process of certification and the same challenges - I met highly competent and inspirational professors (Dr Cristian Stefan, Dr Turco, Dr Barone)

Ugochukwu O, Step 2 CK Prep - Live Online student

Kaplan Teachers provide the refresher materials I need to know. They created an interactive online class, they gave points which could only have come from veteran teachers. They gave success tips at each lecture. They answered questions. The med advisers designed your programs, you provided a feedbacks then they guided you based on the feedback. They gave you pitfalls to avoid and then depending on your strength and weakness they recommended an exam date.

Maksym D, Step 1 Prep - Live Prep Student

Concepts and strategies of USMLE success are hard to understand initially. My friends still refuse to believe that a preparation for any exam can take months. Most of us don't realize the complexity of an exam when we first make a decision to conquer the boards, often being naive to the point of setting very unrealistic goals. Under the guidance of an experienced advisor, Dr. Gilda Noori, and lectures of Kaplan star faculty, Kaplan Live courses provided a comprehensive review of heavily tested exam concepts. What is even more important - they created an educational "atmosphere", that provided mental strength and confidence needed to succeed on Steps. A productive balance of high-yield information, clicker quiz/Q-Bank challenges, humor and after-class social interactions helped to prevent burn-out and stay focused.

Fabian K, Step 2 CK Prep - On Demand user

The Kaplan on demand lectures provides great overview of everything you need to know for the real exam. It helped me building a basic knowledge of the tested topics from which you can start diving deeper into the tricky facts.

Dr. Gwanmesia, Step 1 Prep - On Demand user

What a game changer! Previously tried other revision courses without success. With Kaplan, a high score is certainly guaranteed, and you have at your fingertips what you need to ace the USMLEs.

Step 1 Live Online Student

Loved the online classroom experience, was a bit apprehensive as it was a first time experience for me, but totally loved the faculty and looked forward to the lectures and loved the class interaction.

Step 2 CK Live Online Student

I am very pleased…All the staff, from Professors to technical support, that I have been dealing so far are excellent. I will definitely recommend this course to any foreign student trying to apply for the USMLE.