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Convenient, comprehensive prep at your own pace.

Watch recorded video lessons at times that suit you! Perfect for students who need a flexible schedule that allows them to prep when they want, at their own speed.

What's included in your On Demand course? 

200+ hours of video instruction Access fast online streaming of over 200 hours of video lectures. You'll receive first-rate instruction from our expert US faculty and access lectures whenever you want.
Easy to navigate You will have the ability to flag lectures up for review, take notes on individual video clips, accelerate your prep with x1.5 video speed,create custom playlists, and more!
Clinical Correlates A new series of mini-lectures on the 30 most frequently tested subject areas.
QBank Create customized quizzes, with 2000 exam-like questions and complete explanations.
Diagnostic test Evaluate your areas of strength and opportunity with 150 exam-like questions.
Subject-based assessments Target your study with over 700 exam-like questions.
2 simulated exams Feel confident you are ready with 2 full-length exams, complete with answers and explanations.
Lecture notes Your course comes with 7 updated volumes of Kaplan Lecture Notes that are filled with easy-to-interpret color images and tables. (Available in e-book or print format)


Get a 30-minute session with a medical advisor for FREE

Find an Available Slot

What a game changer! Previously tried other revision courses without success. With Kaplan, a high score is certainly guaranteed, and you have at your fingertips what you need to ace the USMLEs.

Dr. Gwanmesia

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Step 1 Prep - On Demand - 4 months
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How it works

Once you have selected a start date, we will provide you access to your online account. You will begin the course by taking a USMLE Step 1 Diagnostic Test, which will determine your strengths and weaknesses and allow you to target the rest of your study. You will then work through your video lecture content, making sure to assess your progress with subject-based assessment tests throughout, which can also be supplemented with Qbank questions (if you have a Qbank package).

Once you have completed the review material, it will be time to take our full-length simulated exam. You can use this exclusive tool to measure your performance and assess your readiness for the real exam. You can also use the simulated exam to help you figure out your exam strategy for test day, as your endurance throughout the day will have a big impact on your score! 

We recommend that you plan to dedicate at least 4 months to preparing for the Step 1 exam. As a rough guide, we find that the longer it has been since you graduated from medical school, the length of time that you may need to prepare increases; taking longer to get back into the "text book" way of thinking. So you may want to take that into account when selecting which course option you select.