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Course Resources 6 weeks
of live expert instruction
12 weeks
of live online classes
115+ hours
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45+ hours
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In Center or On Demand Access Add on 4 or 7 months of access to a Kaplan Center or On Demand prep. Comes with 4 months of On Demand access. Choose between 4 or 7 months of On Demand access
Master Faculty
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Option to add on
2 full-length simulated exams
Diagnostic Test
Med Advising
I20 Eligible Faculty

Exam Details

The USMLE Step 2 CK Clinical Knowledge exam is multiple-choice and designed to determine whether examinees possess the medical understanding and knowledge of clinical science essential for patient care under supervision.

The computer-based USMLE exam is administered by appointment on a year-round basis, in order to book your place for USMLE Step 2CK visit www.ecfmg.org.

Kaplan offers a range of preparation options, including classroom-based prep and online courses. 



USMLE Step 2 CK Question Formats

There are two multiple-choice formats used on Step 2 CK:

  • Single best answer

  • Single answer matching

Typically questions describe a patient and want you to recognize the underlying mechanism of the disease, order diagnostic studies, propose a diagnosis, or initiate treatment. 

Step 2 CK questions will NOT be grouped by subject within blocks. So you won't find a section devoted to pediatrics for example. This can present you with the challenge of instantly switching from thinking about one subject to another.

USMLE Step 2 CK Scoring

Scores are usually received 2 weeks after your test date. Your score report will include:

  • Reported and scored on two and three-digit scales.

  • A pass/fail designation

  • Once you pass the exam you are then stuck with that score for the 7 year validation period. 

  • A graphic depiction of your performance by discipline, physician task, and disease category. 

  • The minimum passing score on the Step 2 CK is 209