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This live online course gives you the preparation you need to succeed on test day, at a fraction of the time and price of our face-to-face option! A perfect choice if you are unable to make it to one of our live course locations.

What's included in your live online course? 

5 Days of Lectures Access 15 hours of live online instruction with our expert Step 2CS instructors. You will join our virtual classroom and get instant feedback on any questions you may have, just like if you were in a physical class.
Review Videos of Standardized Patients Sharpen your skills on the different elements of the exam, with our standardized patients. Kaplan SPs portray cases consistently and accurately, which is crucial to creating a highly realistic experience.
Strategies for Passing the Exam Receive instruction how to pass the exam and through our interactive platform, you can also compare your performance with that of other students and make sure that you are on the right track for test day.
Patient Note Execution Practice and receive feedback on how to make a differential diagnosis in a quick and accurate manner.
Tips for Exam Room Etiquette Learn the best way to conduct a physical based on patients’ complaints, to ensure a pass in the exam.
Lecture Notes You will receive 30+ fully updated lecture notes, with the key information and tips to take away from the course, for review after the course has finished.
Want More Practice? Sign up for our Step 2 CS Prep - Practice Exam to experience the USMLE Step 2 CS first-hand and get the realistic practice you need to test with confidence. You will practice under exam-like conditions with 11-12 standardized patient encounters, followed by a detailed performance analysis report with feedback.

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