USMLE® Step 2 CS Prep - Live + Practice Exam


In-depth review of all Step 2 CS exam components, taught live in the US.

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Course Features

Access our team of more than 75 experts with:
250 awards
760 published research studies
940 years of combined experience
Exclusive Features
15+ hours of live online lectures
11-12 practice standardized patient encounters
2019 Complete library of 2019 lecture notes

Register through our International Center to join Kaplan’s Step 2 CS live course in the US.

Through practice sessions, simulations, feedback from standardized patients, efficient time management strategies and step-by-step instructions, we can help you master the skills necessary to pass and become familiar with the exam. Our intensive review course provides interactive learning through teaching from our experienced faculty and patient encounters.

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What's included in your live course? 

Live, Expert Taught Sessions

Attend over 15 hours of live lectures taught in the US, spanning 4 days.

Live Practice Exam

At the end of the course you will experience a 12 patient encounter exam, so can find out how you would perform on the real exam, providing you with feedback which you can build on, in time for the real thing!

Physician-Patient Communication

Receive 18 hours of small group coaching & training to help you to learn appropriate and strong communication skills, a key area of assessment in the exam.

15+ Hours of Live Online Lectures

Access over 15 hours of interactive lectures, accessible from anywhere.

Want More Practice?

Get double the exam practice! Sign up for our Step 2 CS Prep - Practice Exam to experience the exam first-hand and get the realistic practice you need to test with confidence. You will practice under exam-like conditions with 11-12 standardized patient encounters, followed by a detailed performance analysis report with feedback.
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