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We understand that as parents, the journey towards the path to college can be a very stressful time. At Kaplan we provide you with a number of resources to help with the process! We hope that you find our information useful and we welcome any feedback.

Find out everything you need to know about the process of getting your child into college

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The path to college starts here!

Test Information:
Getting your child into the college of their choice starts with knowing your options, understanding the process and customizing a test preparation plan tailored to suit their strengths and weaknesses.

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Admissions Factors:
Begin laying the foundation and consider the admissions factors as early on as possible to ensure your child does not get too stressed out and overworked closer to the SAT.

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Application Tips:
A strong college application, which showcases your child's strongest grades, extracurricular activities and personal essay is very important! Every college has different criteria for determining which students to admit. The best tip during this process is to stay organized and pay close attention to the many details.

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Kaplan's SAT Course Options

SAT Private Tutoring:
Our most exclusive option. Get one-to-one guidance on your child's preparation, completely tailored to ensure progress. You will receive complimentary Classroom Course access* & 3 months access to the Online Study Center.

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SAT Prep - In Person:
Our cutting-edge, customized classroom program is based in our London Center by Charing Cross and led by expert teachers. It includes 10 classroom sessions, study materials & access to the Online Study Center.

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SAT Prep - Live Online:
Take part in our dynamic, live online class sessions from anywhere in the world. This is a great option for students that are unable to take a London based course but still want to receive comprehensive instruction. 

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SAT Prep - Self-Paced:
Our award winning online video course. Your child can prepare at their own pace with online video instruction from our expert instructors, accessible wherever and whenever. This is an ideal option for students who need to fit preparation around a busy schedule and are looking to top up their knowledge on the SAT.

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*Only available for packages over 15 hours.

For Kaplan's ACT Course Options

We offer a range of online options to help you prepare for the ACT, including: Private Tutoring, Self-Paced, Live Online & additional Supplementary Options.

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Test Scores for Key Colleges

To find out more about what score your child should be aiming for, download our list of the average test scores accepted by many top colleges.