Section 3: Speaking

Tasks: 6 speaking exercises
Timing: 20 minutes
Testing format: Computerized

The speaking section of the TOEFL exam measures how well you are able to speak English in an academic environment. For each of the six speaking tasks, you will be required to record yourself speaking in response to a prompt. The speaking section evaluates your delivery, use of language and topic development.


There are a total of six questions in this section. Two of the spoken responses will be independent tasks, while the remaining four will be integrated tasks.

  • Independent task - There is NO reading or listening involved in this task. Instead you will record your own opinions on a certain subject matter; therefore there is NO wrong answer - you will be scored on how well you can argue your opinion using the correct English.

  • Integrated task - You will be required to record a response after reading and listening to certain passages. You will have 30 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to speak after each question.

TIP: Choose a side of the argument during your first 15 seconds of brainstorming and identify one or two supporting statements to back up your position. PACE is key! Practice speaking in a slow, deliberate and enunciated manner before the exam.